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Lottery strategies are being duplicated and resold as lottery books and computer software these items have a high cost and they work as good as a person who guess on combinations. 

The more people having the knowledge on to correctly choose their state's winning lottery game combinations drawn daily and bi-weekly will eventually prohibit the multi state controlled official Lotto Game Drawings from only having single winners per contest something we can without a doubt, personally guaranteed using a Surface Breaker Lottery Product in January 2020.

Lottery players need to understand that lottery game drawings are a competition and lottery game selection products are a form of competing in the competition.  Lottery books and what we have seen to spring up all over the Internet computer software is not something for people to use which will help win a offering state lottery game drawing.

They are just form of stolen lottery material created by someone else and stretched into a bunch of nonsense rhetoric so that fraudulent individual can seek a higher cost, in all actuality these things don't exist they are deceptive pactices and thoughts developed in the mind of a idiot.

Our first helper product consisted of a single sheet of paper containing all the lottery game combinations needed to win the State of Illinois Three Digit Lottery Game Drawing, we took four dollars playing eight numbers costing 50 cents a piece and walked down to a locate ticket agent that night the corporation won $250,00 there was no written text explaining how to play only the numbers.

So you tell me, where do stolen information and expensive books or something needing extra equipment to use come into play in this daily held competition.

A completed list of your state website lottery game drawings helper products will soon be available for purchase starting in June of 2020.

First off we would like to inform people of the world and those who play daily lottery game drawings that there is no such thing as a lottery system the word system came from our lottery game helper products individual methods of selecting winning lottery game combinations. 

Something which was created by a scammer in a attempt to copy our lottery game drawing playing science, at that time we had only a single method of selection known as Proximity we were also searching for a name in which Porter Corporations could sale our products under, after working for an entire year on typewriters in 1983 a song was heard on the radio, "You Are In My System." the words was about a man having feeling for a woman but we didn't hear it as that.

Down below you can hear the song on YouTube.

There is a bottom line put fourth to the comments we intends to make in the future but for now. the other copycat websites selling lottery books and computer software informing the uneducated people on how to play lottery game drawings in their hometown ultimately what they are saying is, How simple it is to win, We know lottery secrets, Pay the outrageous cost, Hey only one dollar, We review all online lottery strategies.

Our lottery science wouldn't work the same for them like they thought it would when copied and changed, so their motto was to sale it to someone else, they won't know the different if we made the product or not.

Sound Like a Let's Get Micky Commercial.

It would not work because after the original purchase a player might still have questions about how their new product works.  So there maybe some personal involvement neccessary through emailing or a phone call, if the product wasn't developed by these people person they wouldn't know what to tell a customer regarding it's use.

If they really had something which could win large Lotto Game Drawings it would be kept a secret, something else the lottery product couldn't be sold unless they were associated with strategy development like us.

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We are the original and sole creators of the lottery game board sciences in 1982.  

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Purchase any lottery game helper product once and it is good for as long as the lottery game drawing continues in your hometown.

We stand behind all sales made to the general public with an unconditional satisfaction guaranteed policy for the helper's effectiveness.

Specializing in the development, manufacturing and sale of winning Two, Three, Four, Five Six & Multi-Digit Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball Lottery Game Drawing Helper Products.

Keep your lottery purchases in a safe place and always check a lottery ticket using a safe and secure method.

Our motto is, the needs of many can be determined by the complex thinking of just a few.

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