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Field Testing

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If there is magic in the air tonight, it comes in the form of a System Lottery Product.

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If it's a hometown lottery game drawing you like to play and win then you have come to the right plac

How do a person in no particular state justify picking lottery game combinations played in a lottery game drawing by guessing?

Simply by viewing a System Lottery Game Helper Product first.

Experience the Magic of Lucky Day, Mini Systems, Surface Breaker & System Lottery Game Helper Products.

Our Field Testing Page is designed for the first time person of lottery game drawings and the millions of players throughout the country having problems choosing their states winning Two, Three, Four, Five Or Multi Six Digit Lotto, Mega Millions and Powerball Lottery Game Combinations each and every time they play.

During our lifetime, people have always tested out new things, If they work for the developer, then it will for the next person after. People of lottery games on occasion switch back and forth on things one being their choices of lottery game combinations played in their hometown lottery game drawings held throughout the world.

One primary reason for this is just a lack of knowledge on how the game is designed to be played. The feeling of most people who play lottery game drawings is that their numbers may not be right. Hey, answer this question, in this case could you please tell me which numbers would be correct when it comes to guessing on combinations?

New things are not readily accepted by everyone right off just from skepticism alone and the fact of paying for something where there maybe no useful purpose causes people to think it may only add confusion, but the one most not asked question often is.

How does it work?

A helper product reduces and neutralizes the combinations drawn in a particular lottery game drawing by using a designed selection science known as Proximity originally developed for a one time use on any given day but for reasons unknown at the time they just kept on working.

Our System Lottery Game Helper Products were written and illustrated for a person as young as twelve years old to understand and use. The selection concepts were created by two college students back in the early eighties.

When they were first developed by Rodan Technology Division a computer programming company the written explanatory information was on a college descriptive level our writing division Tiger Engineering Incorporated stepped in to simplified the written descriptions by creating a new line of premium selection products known as Mini Systems Lottery Game Helper Products.

Which allowed players of lottery games to use visual interpretations based on how the game was designed to be won eliminating a person's need to choose lottery game combinations by guesswork.

The helper products are common sense methods of selection and can be guaranteed to solve any person's issues they may face in their hometown as a result of selecting winning 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 digit lottery game combinations where the basic understanding of how a drawing is designed to be won comes from viewing rather than guessing.

They have a very simple job which is to eliminate the odds incorporated in a chosen lottery game drawing by assisting people with a basic understanding on how the drawing's particulars function in winning cash prize payout amounts using a visually interpreted selection science based on the principles involved in winning the games in the different states.

A helper is a predesigned selection strategies printed on paper which makes them affordable and easily replaced much more effective than using misprinted lottery books or corruptly written computer software, our helper strategies can be carried along with the players and used to selection combinations right inside a lottery location eliminating the guesswork options people use to choose their winning hometown lottery game combinations daily.

The contents of a helper allows a person of lottery game drawings to skillfully view the winning combination before the drawing time expires and select the precise lottery game combinations needed to win a particular game using our patented computer science Proximity created from military targeting data and developed back during the early eighties into a way for people to select winning lottery game combinations.

Lottery game drawings are a legalized gambling science where people use cash dollar amounts to render a game's odds producing factors ineffective in stopping them from choosing the correct winning numbers. The theory of System institutes the method of totally reducing the odds incorporated in lottery games both the games and our strategies relies on a written computer science guesswork does not share these same principles of science.

The legalized aspects of the games poses thoughts of players receiving higher cash dollar amounts or something more in return if they play. This attractive response is always brought on by the flashy Las Vegas style lighting equipment used by lottery states at their ticket sales locations, but the expectations of most and our continuing practice of guessing on the combinations fails not to be effective enough at peck times to challenge a sophisticated mathematical based hometown lottery game drawing.

Players my name is David G. Porter I born and raised in the city of Chicago most of our family was educated in the field of teaching, our grandmother, auntie and my sister, one of our first cousins is a doctor. I wanted to be a stuntman but later I felt back on my schooling after some years had pasted.

A person approach during the day of a drawing is what determines the final results. As does anything we do in our lives, lottery game drawings are a designed science with reversed psychological factors with an understanding of how the game is designed to be played field testers were able to accumulate the winning and losing tickets posted on the pages of this website.

And to let you know this right now this was all done by viewing a sheet of paper, known as a helper before the drawing took place the numbers were selected using a Lottery Game Board Helper Science to assist us in choosing the winning numbers drawn drawn in our city.

Not by guessing or playing the game to win the cash prize amounts offered in our state as a result of being right people who play these games need to be accurate and precise in their choices of numbers and the cash dollar amounts we use must be effective at all times something which won't happen without having an understanding or knowledge on how to move forward when playing a specific type lottery game drawing in their hometown.

The very day I played thinking of the drawing as being easy to win resulted in the lost of funds, a day I still regret. The cash dollar amount I lost that day would be considered as a small amount, but back then in nineteen eighty two but it would be like losing one hundred dollars today making it an unforgettable moment in my life.

I learned a valuable lesson that summer day something which only could have been taught to me, by a legalized lottery game drawing gambling science. The odds of winning were talking to me on that day but I wasn't listening as most people do today throughout the world.

Lottery game drawings are not a game of chance in the player's favor and when people think this way, they are just using money to win less money, by not correctly playing the drawing to overcome the odds people could experience great losses in their lives. This type of playing guessing on combinations limits a person's perceptive abilities making it difficult to perceive an exact solution needed to win a drawing each and every time they play.

To better help me understand the lottery game drawing selection sciences in our state, I visited a computer programmer at his home for advice on how to play the games.  He explain to me when a person receive their paycheck from work.  A person never know how much they will be paid because of reducing factors included that are taken out on a monthly basis there's a general idea which helps them to sometimes figure out an exact amount but in all actuality you must see the amount in order to know for sure.

The first lessen i received about choosing lottery game combinations.

I replied by saying, "If a person see the numbers drawn in a lottery game, then that would mean the drawing is already over. I went home that day thinking I didn't get the answer I wanted to hear but later on during that same month I picked up a military document laying on our kitchen table belonging to my older brother Rick he had forget to take it along with him out of town.

The sheets of paper contained training information used by the Army National Guard teaching soldiers how to use the Earth's longitude and latitude setting, fixed surface areas to fired artillery shells at advancing enemy troops and their equipment.

Something I noticed was that the numbers used in the descriptions of height and elevation had a similar appearance to lottery game combinations there were also illustrations which were called grids mapping out areas on the surface of an imaginary war zone.

The programmer said you must see the numbers in order to know this was a defining moment in the creation of System Lottery Products. If we could reproduce these exact features using lottery game combinations then I would be able to know of the numbers chosen in a drawing before they were drawn by lottery officials in the state of Illinois.

So I went back to visit our programmer friend in the neighborhood once again to show him some of the things I had been working on for the past few months dealing with seeing the numbers before a drawing, he viewed my written work and then shook his head saying,

"You just can't let it go, huh."

Then he asked me how much had I lost this day, I told him it was thirty three dollars & fifty cents playing every lottery game drawing our state had to offer.

He laughed and said.

"All of this is over $40.00.”

And went to reach inside his pocket to pull out money, thinking this was happeming, I instantly turned down it.
And said that wasn't all I had planned for that day so that wouldn't help now,  The day od the lost we were going to go downtown and enjoy the night with some friends from our neighborhood, I missed out being smart.

He laughed again and said. “So you started a vendetta against the lottery, and then again, the lottery ans shook his head and said well you know something i don't know because this the one I can guaranteed you won't win.”

Explaining, once my mother realized that I had gambled the money away she had a few things to say which angered me which were.

“What did you think they were just going to give money away!”

This was the turning point.

I couldn't get anymore money stuck at home I had plenty of time to think about what I done.
It had to all start with the Front & Back Pair Lottery Game Drawing their instructions said choose either the first two combinations or last two numbers of a three digit lottery game combination. This lottery game drawing only had 100 lottery game combinations to choose from thinking it would be easy to win.

But it turned out to be an error in judgment and the one mistake I made by millions of people on a daily basis back then and possibly still today. Underestimating the matter at hand, the number incorporated in playing the drawing something which is consider normal by players play this number and exclude this should not happen when cash dollar amounts are involved, how do you know.

People don't send extra payments through the mail to their monthly household service providers do they or pay two dollars for something which only cost one dollar.


This was the turning point a key of sort for me solving my lottery selection problems and now the people of lottery games who are having difficulties choosing winning lottery game combinations in their neighborhood lottery game drawings on a daily basis.

When I first looked over the technical information detailing the particulars and copied most of the important details down on paper, I still didn't know what I was reading or what they meant for my future in playing of lottery game drawings but the programmer did so after a year returning from school he handed me the very first lottery game drawing helper science developed in the world and said to me, try this the next time you play a lottery game drawing.

The paperwork described the reason why it was so difficult for people to guess on winning three digit lottery game combinations throughout their state. By basically describing for players that there are four types of lottery game combinations and a person must choose and play the exact type of combination in order to win the game something which our lottery game helper products illustrates for people by using visual interpretations on how the game is designed to played needing no written explanation or experience playing the game to understand how to successfully choose winning combinations in order to win a cash prize amount.

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Field Testing

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